10 Benefits Of Owning A Twin Lodge

Twin Lodge

There are many benefits of owning a twin lodge. Twin unit lodges are perfect for family use or for using as accommodation for a family member or friend, or to place on a park. Here are 10 benefits of owning a twin unit lodge:

Twin lodge interior

The 10 benefits of owning a twin lodge

  1. There’s plenty of space. Most twin lodges are 40×20 ft with very large, open plan living room, dining and kitchen areas. This gives a real feeling of space.
  2. Delivery and set up are relatively fast and easy. Each unit arrives on the back of a lorry and skilled person can fit the two parts of the twin unit lodge together in a day or so.
  3. There’s plenty of bedroom space, with storage. A twin lodge may only have 2 or 3 bedrooms, but there’s usually more space than in static caravan bedrooms.
  4. Buying an off site twin lodge usually means getting a bathroom with a bath as well as a shower. Twin lodges also often have more than one bathroom.
  5. The front opening doors or sliding glass doors let in plenty of light and give a feeling of being connected with the outside.
  6. They are very steady and stable – it feels like you’re staying in a bricks and mortar structure. This is because the legs, props, and the joining of the two sections give it a really firm setting without the kind of wobble that some static caravans can have.
  7. The facilities and appliances allow you to experience all the home comforts plus a dash of luxury.
  8. Selling a used off site lodge e.g., if you no longer need it can be done at a good price. Twin lodges are quite sought after and used lodges have a re-sale value.
  9. They can enhance the look of the land that they’re sited on. Twin lodges are impressive, solid looking structures that are available in different colours so they fit in well with their surroundings.
  10. There’s plenty of choice if you go an established lodge dealer. This is because there are many different makes and models that a lodge dealer will stock. Twin unit lodges can also be cool in the summer months, but their insulation, central heating and double glazing make them warm in the winter months.

Off site lodges for sale

In Summary

The key points to take away from this content are that off site twin unit lodges are perfect for a variety of purposes, offer a lot of space, and are a stable and secure option when compared to other types of accommodation. They are also generally relatively easy and fast to set up, and can be a wise investment due to their re-sale value.

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