Lodges For Sale Off Site – What Are The Options?

Off site lodges for sale

If you have been considering purchasing a used off site lodge, there are a few things you need to know, such as what options in terms of size, makes/models and features are available. In this blog post, we will discuss the option for buying lodges for sale off site and help you decide which is the right option for you!

Twin or single unit lodge

Twin lodges are manufactured to be split in two for delivery and joined up to make one large, usually 20 ft wide lodge on its pitch. 40×20 ft lodges for sale off site provide a huge amount of space inside, and people often add decking to the outside to create even more space for dining, relaxing, and enjoying the view around the lodge.

Single unit lodges can be likened to large versions of static caravans. Typically, they have a large, open plan living room and front opening doors. They are light, bright, spacious, and can easily accommodate a family.

2 or 3 bedrooms

Most lodges have 2 or 3 bedrooms, usually a large double bedroom and one, or two twin bedrooms.

Features that off site lodges have that make them like home include:

  • Double glazed windows and doors. Twin lodges tend to have front opening double doors / front sliding doors at the front, and a main double glazed single door at the side.
  • Central heating run from a combi-boiler, just as it is in a house.
  • Full size kitchens, often with islands and modern appliances.
  • Large living rooms with sofas, armchairs, vaulted ceilings, and often a modern electric fire.
  • Dining area with a dining table and chairs, often near the front windows / front opening doors to enjoy the view.
  • Spacious bathrooms with showers, and often a bath
  • A separate toilet.
  • Utility areas, perhaps in the entrance hallway of the lodge.

Different sizes, layouts, makes and models

There are different sizes, layouts, makes and models of off site lodges to choose from. Popular makes include Omar, Atlas, Delta, Stately-Albion, Tingdene, Brentmere, Cosalt, Pathfinder, Willerby, Pemberton, and Victory.

What is the process for buying a used off site lodge?

The process for buying a used off site lodge is as follows: 

  • Measure the pitch and measure any obvious pinch-points near or at the delivery address e.g., a narrow gateway or approach road / drive, or very low hanging trees and power lines.
  • Think about your ideal spec – 2 or 3 bedrooms?
  • Research different lodges that are available for sale by looking through the lodges listed on this website.
  • Narrow down your choices, arrange to visit our showground (call or email) and come and inspect the lodges in person. Bring anyone with you who is a stakeholder e.g., any other people who will be using the lodge.
  • Agree upon the details of the purchase with us.
  • Arrange the delivery details with us at the same time.

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