Second Hand Lodges For Sale Off Site – Your Questions Answered 

Second Hand Lodges For Sale Off Site

If you’ve been searching for second hand lodges for sale off site, the chances are that you’ll have a few questions. 

Here we’ll answer some of the more popular questions about second hand lodges for sale so that you can make a more informed choice. 

Do I need planning permission for holiday lodges or a wooden lodge? 

Most of the newer used lodges for sale off site tend to have a pvc-clad exterior even though part of their internal frame is wood. 

Some wood-clad lodges have the appearance of a wooden lodge although this is more a term for garden building or similar. 

Off-site lodges can be purchased to place on private land in what could be referred to as a garden. 

It is more likely, however, that off site lodges will be put on larger pieces of land. 

In answer to the question “do I need planning for a lodge?” the points to remember which, combined, would mean that lodge wouldn’t require planning permission are: 

  • It’s a movable structure (built for human habitation) and it remains movable where sited – not plumbed-in for water and drainage 
  • It’s sited in your garden (but not a separated paddock). 
  • The lodge is used by occupants who can continue to use the facilities of the main house it is unlikely to need planning permission. 
  • Those who use the lodge are e.g., members of your household/close family/or other short term non-paying guests. 
  • The lodge used as the primary/only place for your showering and cooking facilities. 

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Second hand lodges for sale – what will I get for my money? 

We sell both new and second hand / used lodges off site 

New lodges are bound to have the most up to date features but many second hand lodges have everything a buyer would need. 

Most lodges, new or used, offer the main benefits of space, comfort, and a feeling of being more connected with the outdoors. 

Features common to most new and used off-site lodges include double glazing, central heating, large, open-plan kitchen, dining and living room. 

Many lodges also have baths as well as showers and there tends to be more storage space than static caravans. 

What is a twin unit or a mobile lodge? Are they the same thing? 

Yes. Lodges can be purchased as one single unit (imagine a large static caravan with front opening doors), or as a lodge that is delivered in two halves (on two lorries). 

The two parts of twin unit lodges can then be joined together to make one. 

When looking for second hand lodges for sale off site, many people refer to them as mobile lodges or residential lodges. 

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I have a lodge for sale. Do you buy lodges? 

Yes, we buy and sell lodges off site. 

If you have a lodge for sale, visit our ‘Sell Your Lodge’ page and tell us a little bit about it.

Then, if your lodge is a make/model with features and quality we require we will contact you.  

If you are selling a lodge off site, it is best to be prepared by knowing the make, model, year, and size, and by taking plenty of good quality photographs throughout. 

Is it a straightforward process to buy a second hand off site lodge from Lodgetastic? 

Yes, provided you have a place for the lodge to delivered, and there are no pinch points along the delivery route that could prevent it from being delivered. 

It is best to be prepared by measuring the gateway to the delivery address and making sure that the approach roads to the property are wide enough. 

A 20 ft wide lodge, for example, will be delivered on the back of two lorries – each half is 10 ft wide. 

Do you have a good selection of off site lodges for sale and in-stock? 

Yes. We make sure that we have a good selection of lodges for sale off site in stock to choose from. 

Sizes of off-site lodges vary from 12 ft / 13 ft wide single unit lodges (36/38/40 ft long) to mostly 20 ft wide twin unit lodges from 32 to 40 ft long. 

Popular makes of lodge that we regularly stock include  Brentmere, Cosalt, Delta, Normandy, Omar, Stately-Albion, Victory, Wessex, and Willerby. We stock single unit and twin unit lodges. 

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