Twin Unit Lodges For Sale Off Site – An Overview

Twin unit lodges refers to wider lodges that are split into two sections for transportation. Typically, each section is 10 ft wide, although this can vary with some makes/models e.g., 8 ft or 11 ft sections. Here we take a brief look at what those searching for twin unit lodges for sale off site can expect.

Twin Unit Lodges – The Next Step Up From Larger Static Caravans

The word lodge was first brought by the Normans to Britain and is derived from a Frankish word for ‘shelter’. Today’s lodges, however, offer a great deal more than that. Following the introduction 12ft-wide static caravans in the 90s and static caravans becoming more like complete home-from-homes in the 2000s, twin unit lodges offered even more.

Twin Unit Lodge

Space, Light, and More Like A Real Home From Home

Twin unit lodges offer not just space and modern interiors but are more like a luxurious single storey home that feels connected to the outside. The large front window areas and sliding double glazed doors or French doors are indicative of the leisure focus of lodges. For example, in a holiday park setting, where views are important, lodges would have decking fitted which the front doors would lead out to. One big advantage of twin units for sale off site is that this leisure focus in the build lets plenty of light in. Also, the pitched roof with tall vaulted-style ceilings give a much greater feeling of space. The open plan nature of lodge living room and kitchen areas are also very much in keeping with modern home design aspirations.

Lodges – Features For Warmth and Comfort

Despite their larger interior space and open plan feel, lodges are generally manufactured with warmth and comfort in mind in the colder months. For example, upvc, and wood clad exteriors coupled with insulation in the walls can help keep the cold out from and the heat in twin unit lodges. Most also have central heating systems with radiators, and double glazing in windows and doors.

Twin Unit Lodge For Sale

Can You Live In A Lodge?

In terms of their features, although lodges are designed to be mobile structures, once sited, and connected they can act very much like residential properties. With modern kitchens and appliances, spacious bedrooms, and a big bathroom (some with baths) they have the features of modern homes.  

Twin Unit Lodges For Sale Off Site

Lodgetastic offers a variety of different, quality new and used single and twin unit lodges for sale from our Somerset show ground. Contact us for more information.

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