The Ultimate Off-Site Lodge Buyers Guide

If you’re looking for lodges for sale off site in the UK and you’d like to find out more about buying a new and second hand lodges off site, this ultimate guide is designed to answer many of your questions and help you to move forward armed with right information.

What Is Classed As A Lodge?

A lodge can be a single unit, similar to a large static caravan or a single storey twin unit structure that joins longways down the middle, Typically, lodges are manufactured with the leisure / holiday market in mind but they have all the features, fixtures, fittings and appliances that you would expect to find in a modern home. Like a static caravan, each units has wheels in the centre to help move it to the right position on a pitch after delivery.

Lodges For Sale Off Site

What Do You Need The Lodge For?

This is a relevant question because if the lodge is needed for siting on a caravan park/holiday park, it is likely that it will need to be a new model / a lodge that’s under 10 years old / a lodge that has the full approval of the park owner.  You may even be a park owner looking for one or several off-site static lodges / twin units to site on your park. If a new lodge is required this may involve longer lime than buying a second hand lodge as it may need to be ordered direct from the manufacturers.

Although static caravans are often purchased e.g., for on-site accommodation during a self-build / home renovation project, the size, price, and twin unit (delivered in two halves and re-assembled at the delivery location) means that they tend to be purchased with a longer term purpose in mind.

Different lodges, makes, and models have different layouts, design themes and features. Most have double glazing and central heating. Choosing the right lodge means making sure that there is enough space (size and layout), the right features, the right number of bedrooms (2 or 3 bedroom lodges) and, given the extra size and high spec of lodges you may also find that you can choose a lodge with a bath as well as a shower, and perhaps 2 bathrooms.

Lodges For Sale Off Site

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Lodge?

If you are planning to site the lodge on private e.g., you land, it should be remembered that an off site lodge is a movable structure built for human habitation. This means that in many cases, it will not require planning permission. Generally, if caravans or lodges are sited in your garden (but not a separated paddock), and are used by occupants who can continue to use the facilities of the main house, and are members of your household/close family/or other short term non-paying guests and remain movable – not plumbed-in for water and drainage, and not used as the primary/only place for your showering and cooking facilities, planning permission probably wouldn’t be required. As a genaeral rule, as long a lodge sited on your land isn’t intended to be used your primary residence, hired out to others as paid-for accommodation (either long-term or as a holiday let), or used for business, planning permission may not be required.

For holiday parks, of course, the situation is different as they should already have permission to site units like lodges.facilities were still usable, or these facilities were housed in another outbuilding and were usable there, it is unlikely that planning permission would be required.

Having a lodge as an anexe in the garden, for example, that is movable at any time (and with less substantial foundations) can mean that it complies with the Caravan Sites Act. This can make it a more straightforward than a full planning permission application.

For a fuller explanation or to ask questions about whether you may need persmission to site a lodge on your land, please contact your council planning office.

Where Do Off-Site Lodges Come From?

Most new And used lodges for sale in the UK are manufactured in Yorkshire in the UK and are sold to parks and dealers, and are sold from these to end customers around the country.  As you may expect, parks and lodge dealers are spread around the UK although holiday areas, particularly coastal areas and/or counties that have a high concentration of caravan parks are also likely to have a leading dealer in the area e.g., Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall (Lodgetastic). 

Lodgetastic buys from manufacturers, parks, and private individuals (whose lodge may come from a park)  which is why we can stock such a good choice of makes and models, of different ages and with different features to suit the needs of many customers.

What Size Are Off-Site Lodges?

Sizes of off-site lodges vary from 12ft/13ft wide single unit lodges (36/38/40 ft long) to mostly 20ft wide twin unit lodges from 32 to 40 ft long.

Are There Many Different Makes/Models of Lodges?

Yes. For example, Lodgetastic stocks a wide variety of lodges for sale-off site from many different quality manufacturers Brentmere, Cosalt, Delta, Normandy, Omar, Stately-Albion, Victory, Wessex, and Willerby. We stock single unit and twin unit lodges. 

What Features Do Lodges Have?

Lodges have a wide range of features including double glazing and central heating, upvc doors and windows (often with sliding doors at the front), attractive and durable cladding on the exterior, tiled roofs, kitchens with all the usual modern appliances (cooker, fridge-freezer, dishwasher, and large open plan living areas. Generally there are 2 or 3 bedroom lodges, and bathrooms can very spacious and luxurious with showers and baths (it’s unusual to get a bath in a static caravan for example). Some lodges have areas for utilities and may include a washing machine.

Off site lodge

Do Off-Site Lodges Come With Decking?

On a park, for example, decking can be space-adding feature but since decking is custom-fitted to fot the pitach as well as the caravan on the park, and is very difficult to remove easily or collect and re-assemble easily it is very unusual for off-site lodges to come with decking.

What Preparations Should Be Made Before A Lodge Can Be Delivered?

A good load-bearing pitch area needs to be prepared before a lodge can be sited.    This can involve removing any topsoil and making a firm compacted sub-base onto which can be poured a concrete raft (at least 200mm wider than wheelbase and jacking points) or concrete strips (tramlines – a minimum of 1m wide). The lodge will also need an electricity supply, a water supply, and a pipe to take away the sewerage from the waste pipe below the toilet. Contact us for more information about this.

I Have A Lodge To Sell. Who Buys Used Lodges?

We buy secondhand (and new) lodges. If you have a lodge to sell, please visit our ‘Sell Your Lodge‘ page and complete the short form.

What Do I Need To Know Before I Can Buy A Lodge From Lodgetastic?

You would need to know the measurements of the pitch size and any possible pinch-points that the delivery drivers may encounter when delivering your off site lodge e.g., width of the gate to the property or any low hanging trees or extra-narrow approach roads or driveway.

Do You Deliver Nationwide?

Yes, our experienced drivers can deliver your lodge anywhere in the country.

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