Twin Unit Mobile Homes and Residential Lodges – Are They The Same Thing?

Twin Unit Mobile Homes and Residential Lodges

There are a lot of different terms in popular use for lodges, so what are twin unit mobile homes and residential lodges, what is the difference, or are they essentially the same thing?

Twin Unit Mobile Homes For Sale Off Site

Quite often, people refer to static caravans as mobile homes, and this term also rubs-off onto lodges for sale off site. The term mobile homes is used because statics and lodges are both moveable structures (they are transported on lorries) and have wheels to enable them to be rolled into position on their pitches.

Lodges can be single units, usually a wider, longer version of static caravans e.g., 40 x 13, or two units joined together to make one large unit e.g., 40 x 20 ft. Twin unit lodges for sale off site are lodges that are built to be split into two, usually 10 ft wide sections for delivery purposes. This is because they must be delivered on the back of lorries. Legally, for example, for static caravans and twin unit mobile lodge units over 12ft in width to be transported on UK roads requires special police permission. Once delivered and placed on their pitch, the two units that make up twin unit mobile homes / twin unit lodges have to be joined together. It is often the case that those delivering the twin unit lodge may also be skilled at joining lodge units together. The fact that the units are large and heavy and need to line-up perfectly and be level means that this is actually quite a skilled job.

Twin Unit Mobile Homes

Residential Lodges For Sale

Modern lodges for sale off site have all the home comforts that could be expected in bricks and mortar home e.g., an electricity and gas supply, double glazing and central heating (run from a combi-boiler), bathrooms with showers and baths, and modern kitchens. Also, lodges have insulation, plenty of space (typically 40×20 ft and vaulted ceilings) plus 2 or 3 bedrooms. Decking can also increase the usable space. These features mean that single unit and twin unit lodges can technically be lived-in, and it is only the licence rules of holiday parks that prevents this from happening. This is why references are made to residential lodges for sale off site.

Residential spec, however, refers to when a lodge or park home is built to comply with a standard e.g., Residential Specification BS3632:2015 to allow for all-year-round living. To have a residential spec i.e., to be a residential lodge, the structure would need to have right amount of extra insulation in the walls, floor, and ceiling. This helps with energy efficiency and temperature regulation in the lodge and better thermal performance (warmer in winter, cooler in summer). A residential lodge (one with residential spec) would also need better thermal performance and, to conform to BS3632 have good acoustic insulation, good heating performance, the right air quality, and energy efficient lighting and appliances. 

Residential Lodges

Twin Unit Mobile Homes and Residential Lodges

The terms twin unit mobile homes and residential lodges may, therefore, be ways of describing the same thing although residential may be more of reference to a building spec.

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