Off Site Static Caravans Vs Lodges

Twin Unit Lodge For Sale Off Site

Here we look at the how static caravans compare to lodges for a number of important factors and how context is usually the main deciding factor in buying an off-site static caravan or off-site lodge / twin lodge / twin unit.

The Size of Lodges and Static Caravans

In terms of size, single unit lodges rather than twin unit lodges are close to the largest off site static caravans. For example, a single unit lodge, such as an Omar Haywood (2 bedrooms) is 40 x 13 ft. The biggest static caravans are 38 or 40 ft long and 12 ft wide. Twin unit lodges are almost twice the width of static caravans at 20 ft wide and are generally as long as the very largest static caravans e.g., 40 ft long. Crucially, also, twin unit lodges / twin lodges have a pitched roof that is higher where the units meet. This means that they have tall, vaulted ceilings in the living room, kitchen, and dining room. This gives a feeling of real space that many static caravans don’t have. Single unit lodges can also feel as though they have more space because their extra width.

Twin Unit Lodge For Sale Off Site

Static Caravans and Lodges – Glazing and Heating

Anyone looking for a static caravan for sale off site or a twin unit lodge for sale off site will notice that both can have double glazing and central heating. However, unlike static caravans, the purpose of lodges as a large holiday home and their generally higher price bracket means that most lodges / twin units have double glazing and central heating. Many static caravans, however, do not, instead having single glazing, electric heating, blown air heating, or just the living room gas fire as the main heat source. Many modern lodges also have electric rather than gas fires in very modern designs which can really add to a consistent design theme.

Lodges also tend to feature large front opening or sliding doors and skylights in the main living room areas. Although some large static caravans feature them, these features could be considered standard in lodges as they are often retrofitted with decking on site and are designed to give the occupants more of a view in the more picturesque areas where lodges are often sited. For example, on holiday parks lodges / twin units may be sited next to lakes, facing the sea, or in areas where the view is particularly attractive, with the view, position, and exclusivity helping to create their overall value.

Twin Unit Lodges For Space And Comfort

Bathrooms In Lodges Vs Static Caravans

The extra space in lodges means that they can have larger, augmented bathroom areas. For example, lodges can have baths and very large showers whereas most static caravans simply have a single bathroom with a shower, although some have a separate toilet. Some lodges also have dressing and storage areas leading a from the bathroom and have the space to include an ensuite shower e.g., in the main bedroom. These are features that it would be difficult to squeeze into a static caravan.

Kitchens In Lodges Vs Static Caravans

The huge space in lodge living/dining/kitchen open-plan areas mean that larger kitchens can be incorporated as well as island hobs with breakfast bar areas. Islands and breakfast bars are usually only found in some of the very largest static caravan models.

Lodge Kitchen

Pitch Size And Price – Off Site Static Caravans Vs Lodges

Clearly large single unit lodges and twin unit lodges require a larger pitch space than most static caravans. Also, the size and features of lodges make their purchase prices higher than most static caravans, although used lodges / second hand lodges for sale off site can be very favourably priced compared to some large static caravans.

Lodge Delivery

Unlike static caravans, twin unit lodges for sale off site require two delivery lorries, one for each half. They also require a skilled person / skilled persons to join the two halves together on their pitch.

Other Features In Lodges

Twin lodges / twin units can also have extra space for features such as utilities rooms / areas, where a washing machines.

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