Your Guide To Buying A Lodge Off Site

If you are in the market to buy a new or second-hand lodge off-site, here’s an insider’s guide of what to consider in order to find your perfect lodge / twin unit:

Single Or Twin Unit?

If you’ve looked online, you’ll see that units known as lodges can be single as well as twin unit. A twin unit lodge is designed to be split along the middle to make two halves (usually 10 ft wide) to make for easy transportation in delivery. Twin unit off site lodges can then be re-joined/re-assembled once delivered to their pitch. Although many sites online show park homes, and log cabin style units as ‘lodges,’ they can simply be large, lodge-style static caravans.

Off Site Lodge


How Big Is A Lodge?

New and used / second hand / preloved off site lodges tend to vary more in length than in width. For example, most lodges are 20 ft wide made up of two 10 ft wide halves. Some makes/models can be 20ft, 16ft, 14ft, 13ft, or 12ft wide, with 14 ft or less being single unit lodges. Lengthwise, they can vary greatly – from shorter 29 ft lodges, right up to 40 ft, and even 45 ft lodges. Choosing the right lodge means:

Accurately Measuring Your Pitch Size

Accurately measuring any possible pinch-points on the delivery route to the pitch. For example, how wide is the gateway and are there stone/wood pillars gate posts and walls? Are there very low-hanging trees or other aerial obstructions? Is there very tight turn into the property? Are there very narrow roads leading to the delivery address? If you have questions about this, please call us.

The Preparation Pitch For Your Lodge

When buying a new or used lodge / twin unit off site, you will need to consider the pitch that it will stand on. For example:

– Creating a hard-standing surface to support the lodges and keep it level. The lodge units(s) will have legs, and wheels (in the centre of the units) which will require support. Also, the size of lodges may mean that they will require additional metal props underneath to keep them level (we can answer any questions you may have about this and make sure that any additional props can be supplied. This all means that you can either make a (concrete) hard standing in tramlines (lengthways, each side) OR making a full concrete hard standing pitch. Speak Lodgetastic about pitch preparation. You will also need to arrange the following:

– A gas safety for the lodge. A gas safety check is a necessity if you plan to connect the lodge up to any gas supply.

– Access to and any equipment for an electric power supply.

– Access to and equipment for wastewater/sewage removal form the caravan e.g., a pipe from the toilet waste pipe to the sewer or a tank.

The Exterior of a Lodge

The colours and exterior cladding materials of lodges vary e.g., brown wood-clad exterior, or light-coloured plastic-based, textured cladding. The choice depends on factors such as your personal preference, how the lodge will fit in with its surroundings when sited.

Layout and Features of a Lodge

Lodges have different layouts, fixtures, fittings, furnishings, and appliances, and most have central heating and double glazing. Most lodges were designed with leisure buyers in mind so have large, open-plan living areas with lounge and kitchen, and large windows, sliding doors, and skylights. New lodges have all the modern appliances e.g., gas oven & hob, modern cookers with hood, integrated dishwasher and washer dryers, inbuilt microwaves, and even American-style fridge freezers.

Many lodges have showers and baths, dressing room and generous storage areas, and some have a utility area with washing machine and cupboards. It is advisable to physically visit and look around a lodge to ensure it has the right layout and features for you before buying.

A Choice of Off Site Lodges

It is far easier to visit a lodge dealer at a showground where there are many lodges already in stock and assembled so you look around, compare, and make a more informed decision about which lodge you would like. We stock lodges from leading manufacturers including Brentmere, Cosalt, Delta, Normandy, Omar, Victory, Wessex, and Willerby. The Lodgetastic showground in Taunton, Somerset has many different lodges in stock and its management team has 40+ years’ experience in the off-site lodge and static caravan market, and we deliver nationwide.

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