What To Consider When Buying A Lodge

If you’re hoping to buy a new or used off-site lodge for the first time, here are some of the main factors to consider to ensure that you are happy with your purchase.

Purchasing an Off-Site New or Used Lodge

Lodges offer space and comfort and have many of attributes that a bricks and mortar property offers but are also designed to help owners enjoy their outdoor surroundings e.g., many have large, sliding external doors and can be fitted with decking. Choosing an off-site new or used lodge is much easier if you are able to visit and speak to a dealer who has a number of lodges in stock that your can compare by viewing and asking questions, or who can track down and order particular lodge make/model/type. If you’re considering buying an off-site lodge, here are some of the main factors you will need to consider help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Lodge Size/Dimensions

The size of the lodge you choose is important for several important reasons. You may have a limit to the pitch size/area where your lodge is to be sited and/or the width/height/pinch points of the route leading to your pitch may also determine what size/model off lodge you choose. For example, a narrow gateway to the delivery address of very narrow roads and/or low hanging trees and obstacles will need to be considered. Although twin unit lodges are split into two halves for delivery e.g., two 10 ft width halves, the roof height and the length of each half may still have a bearing on the feasibility of delivery. It is important to be sure of the measurements of the intended pitch and the gateway to the property where the lodge to be sited. It is recommended that you talk over any concerns you have about possible delivery limitations with our staff when you visit our show ground, and we will be happy to help.

Lodge Layout

Different makes/models of lodges have different layouts. It is important to take a good look around the lodge you are interested in and to consider how the layout would suit your needs and requirements once it is occupied and in its intended use.

The Number of Bedrooms

Many lodges have either 2 or 3 bedrooms, and the number is likely to a crucial factor in your choice of lodge.


Most lodges are double glazed and centrally heated, and these are some of the factors that make them extremely comfortable. Other features to consider may be the bathroom(s) (shower and bath?), the size of the living area, the kitchen and appliances that are included, the furniture and fixtures, whether it has a utility room, and the exterior (colour, or cladding-type).

Who Will Be Using The Lodge?

It is usually a good idea for all those who will be using the lodge to visit the show ground when choosing a lodge. This gives a better chance of selecting a lodge that will suit everyone’s needs, answering all relevant questions and concerns at the time, and of choosing the lodge which has the best combination of features to bring maximum satisfaction from the purchase. Also, this can help avoid the situation where the lodge you really like is purchased by someone else before everyone has had a chance to see it.

Where You Buy The Lodge And How They Can Help

If you choose to purchase a lodge from an established, trusted, and experienced dealer such as Lodgetastic you get the especially important benefits of peace-of-mind, maximum value for money, and a trouble-free process. This is because Lodgetastic provides:

  • Expert advice.
  • Great customer service.
  • A wide choice of lodges.
  • The organising of the delivery and assembly/re-assembly for you as part of the purchase.

These are things that you may not get by e.g., buying a lodge from a private seller.

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