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Experience Year-Round Comfort with Off-Site Lodges from Lodgetastic

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At Lodgetastic, we are dedicated to providing you with not just a lodge, but a haven of comfort and tranquility. Our wide selection of new and used lodges for sale off-site, including luxurious twin lodges, offers an unparalleled living experience that marries style with functionality. Each lodge for sale off site at our showgrounds is […]

Discover the Spacious Elegance of Twin Lodges with Lodgetastic

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At Lodgetastic, nestled in the heart of Somerset, we specialise in providing a variety of new and used lodges for sale off-site, catering to a wide array of preferences and needs. Among our collection, twin lodges stand out as a premier choice for those seeking a spacious and home-like alternative to static caravans. Here, we […]

Experience Spacious Luxury – The Transformative Appeal of Twin Lodges

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At Lodgetastic, we are passionate about providing exceptional living experiences through our wide selection of off-site lodges for sale, showcased across our prestigious showgrounds in Somerset and West Sussex. Among our diverse range, twin lodges stand out for their unparalleled spaciousness and design, offering a living experience that truly sets them apart. Let’s delve into […]

Spotlight on Victory Lodges: Discover the Parkview

In our latest blog post where we dive into the world of luxury lodges, with a special focus on Victory Leisure Homes and their stunning Parkview model. Here at Lodgetastic, a leading lodge dealer in the South West, we invite you to take a look at just what makes the Parkview lodge an example of […]

Exploring The Luxury Of Twin Lodges For Sale Off Site

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In the world of off site accommodations, twin lodges represent the epitome of luxury and spacious living. At Lodgetastic, we invite you to embark on a journey with us to discover the extraordinary world of twin lodges. These exceptional units redefine what it means to experience luxury in a lodge, offering an abundance of space, […]

Twin Lodges: The Epitome of Spacious Luxury in Off Site Lodge Living

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In the realm of off site lodge living, a transformation is underway. An evolution that redefines spacious luxury and amplifies our connection with the natural world. This evolution is today’s ‘Twin Lodges,’ and and the level of luxury, spaciousnes, and comfort is something that often exceeds customer expectations. At Lodgetastic, we’re excited to be at […]

Choosing Between Lodges and Static Caravans: Which is the Right Fit for You?

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When it comes to purchasing your own static accommodation, there are two popular options: static lodges for sale and static caravans. This can often depend upon the size of the pitch, individual circumstances, budget, permission (of the park owner or related to the land), and more, but Lodgetastic, the trusted Somerset lodge dealer, understands the importance of making […]

Double the Comfort: Experience the Luxurious Comfort of Twin Lodges for Sale Off Site

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Welcome to Lodgetastic, your trusted Somerset lodge dealer specialising in new and used lodges for sale off site in the south west. In this blog post, we invite you to discover the unparalleled comfort and luxury of twin lodges. With their spaciousness, design flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality build, twin lodges offer a unique living experience […]