Planning for a Twin Lodge: The Guide to Buying Your Ideal Off-Site Lodge

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When embarking on the journey to purchase a twin lodge, it’s essential to approach the process with thorough preparation and an understanding of what to expect. At Lodgetastic, we specialise in providing a wide range of new and used lodges for sale off-site, and we’re committed to ensuring our customers find their perfect match with ease. This detailed guide walks you through all the necessary steps to make an informed and satisfying purchase.

Step 1: Understanding Your Space

Before you browse our selection, the first step is to accurately measure the pitch area where you plan to place your lodge. Knowing the exact dimensions will guide you in selecting a lodge that fits perfectly within your allocated space. Consider not only the footprint of the lodge but also additional space for activities around it, ensuring a harmonious integration into your existing environment.

Assessing the Terrain

Evaluate the terrain and condition of the land. Ensure that it can support the lodge and consider whether any site preparation work such as leveling or the addition of utilities is necessary. This preparation is crucial for the longevity and stability of your lodge.

twin lodges for sale off site

Step 2: Ensuring Access for Delivery

Twin lodges are substantial structures that require careful handling during delivery. Assess the accessibility of your site by measuring gateways and identifying any potential obstacles along the route to where the lodge will be placed. This step is vital to avoid surprises on delivery day, ensuring a smooth delivery so that you are totally happy with your lodge purchase.

Planning for Logistics

Discuss access routes with our delivery team at Lodgetastic. We can help plan the best approach for bringing your lodge to its new home, possibly suggesting alterations to the route or additional equipment to navigate tight spaces.

Step 3: Involving Stakeholders

When buying an off site lodge, if the purchase is a collective decision, involve all parties early in the process. Bring family members or partners to our showgrounds to explore the available models. This inclusivity ensures that everyone’s needs and preferences are considered, leading to a more satisfying decision.

Benefits of Collective Decisions

By involving all users in the selection process, you can ensure that the lodge meets the needs of all who will use it, from the practicality of the layout to the personal touches in the interior design.

off site lodges for sale

Step 4: Visit Our Showgrounds

We encourage you to visit our extensive showgrounds – our main site is in Taunton, Somerset, although we have off site lodges for sale at our other showgrounds (which also have static caravanss) in Devon, and West Sussex. Spend ample time looking around the various models, experiencing their feel, understanding their features, and directly comparing different lodges.

Why Visit?

Seeing the lodges in person offers numerous advantages:

  • Direct Comparison: Compare aesthetics, build quality, and layouts side-by-side.
  • Personal Interaction: Engage with our knowledgeable staff who can provide detailed insights and answer any questions.
  • Experience the Ambiance: Get a real sense of each lodge’s living experience, from the flow of the space to the quality of materials used.

Step 5: Finalising Your Purchase

Once you’ve chosen the lodge that best fits your needs, discuss the final arrangements, including payment terms, customisation options (if applicable), and preparation for delivery.

Setting Up Delivery

Coordinate with our logistics team to arrange a delivery date. Ensure that your site is ready to receive the lodge, considering any last-minute preparations such as utility hookups or final land assessments.

Step 6: Assembly and Installation

Our off site twin lodges are delivered in two halves and require assembly on site. Plan for this assembly process, which is swift but needs to be scheduled. Discuss the timeline with Lodgetastic to understand how soon you can use your lodge after delivery.

After Installation

Once installed, perform a final walkthrough to ensure everything meets your expectations. Our team will be on hand to address any concerns and provide guidance on maintenance and care of your new lodge.

Twin Lodges For Sale Off Site

Choosing and purchasing a twin lodge from Lodgetastic is a journey that, with the right preparation, can be smooth and entirely fulfilling. We pride ourselves on offering a transparent, customer-focused process that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Call now or visit us today to begin your journey toward finding the perfect off-site lodge, and experience the Lodgetastic difference firsthand.

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