The Beauty of Nature: Why Static Lodges Are Perfect for Countryside Living

The Beauty of Nature: Why Static Lodges Are Perfect for Countryside Living

As a leading Somerset lodge dealer, we know that there’s nothing quite like living in the countryside. The fresh air, the stunning views, and the peaceful surroundings can be the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. That’s why we offer a range of lodges for sale off site that are perfect for siting in rural locations, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

A Range Of Lodges To Choose From

Whether you’re looking for new or used lodges for sale off site, we have a range of options to suit your needs. Our twin lodges offer even more space and comfort, with a generous 40 x 20 ft size and high ceilings that give a spacious and airy feel. But even our single unit lodges offer plenty of room, with lengths of up to 40 ft and widths of 12 or 13 ft.

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Luxury Lodge Features

But what really makes our static lodges for sale perfect for countryside living are the features that allow you to fully appreciate the views and natural surroundings. Twin unit lodges typically come with front opening or sliding glass doors that let in plenty of light and allow you to step outside and take in the scenery. And with large double glazed windows and skylights, you can enjoy the views from inside the comfort of your own home.

Room To Add Decking To Help You Enjoy The Outdoors

If you really want to take your lodge living to the next level, once your lodge is sited on its pitch you always add wraparound decking to your twin lodge. This not only creates a great space for outdoor entertaining and relaxation, but also allows you to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. Imagine waking up in the morning and stepping outside to the sound of birds singing and the smell of fresh country air. That’s the kind of lifestyle that our lodges can offer.

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Warmth And Comfort

Our lodges aren’t just great for enjoying nature. They also come with modern features and home comforts that make them a pleasure to live in. Our new and used lodges for sale off site are built with features like extra insulation and lagged pipes, ensuring that you stay warm and cozy even on the coldest of days, and with gas combi central heating systems, you can easily control the temperature in your static lodge to your liking.

Modern Kitchens In New And Used Lodges

Our new and used lodges also usualy come with a range of kitchen features that make cooking and entertaining a breeze. With fatures like range ovens and grills, stainless steel large cooker hoods, wine coolers, luxury freestanding fridge freezers, and integrated dishwashers and microwaves, you’ll have everything you need to cook up a feast for family and friends.

When it comes to choosing the perfect lodge for your countryside retreat, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Our lodges come in a range of makes, models, sizes, layouts, and design themes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes and needs.

Lodges – Perfect For Countryside Living

So if you’re looking for lodges for sale off site that are perfect for countryside living, look no further than our range of new and used lodges. With features like front opening or sliding glass doors, skylights, large double glazed windows, and space to add wraparound decking, our lodges offer the perfect blend of nature and comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our available lodges and start living your dream countryside lifestyle.

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