Where Would Your Dream Lodge Location Be? Coast or Countryside?

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Purchasing a twin lodge is an increasingly popular investment for those looking to make the most of their own land, have a place on a park, or for park owners looking for extra special accommodation for their guests and to generate a steady stream of rental income. The United Kingdom offers a wide variety of holiday home locations, from coastal towns to rural villages and everything in between. In this, we’re asking you to imagine if you could choose the ideal location for your used lodge or new lodge, where would it be? Near the beautiful UK coastline or in the lush green countryside?

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Coastal Lodge Holiday Homes

For many people, there is nothing quite like waking up to a view of the sea from your window. Owning a twin lodge, for example, on or near the coast would provide access to all that coastal living has to offer – miles of sandy beaches, breathtaking views, and easy access to water-based activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. For buyers looking for an active lifestyle with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, siting your ideal new lodge on the coast could deliver a new lifestyle that’s extremely fulfilling. If you already have land in a coastal area that has a great view that you’re thinking about siting a lodge on, call us or visit our show ground in Somerset. We have a wide selection of used lodges for sale off site and we offer new lodges for sale. We are very experienced and knowledgeable about all aspects of owning a lodge and we’d be happy to talk through any of your plans with you and answer any questions you may have.

In addition to providing access to great amenities and activities, if you’re a park owner, offering holiday home lodges by the sea also presents financial opportunities. With its close proximity to major cities, coastal lodges are often highly sought after by people looking for weekend getaways and family holidays that offer plenty of comfort and space.

Lodge For Sale Off Site

Benefits of Countryside Holiday Homes

For those who prefer more tranquil settings with fewer crowds, looking for a used lodge for sale off site that they can have in the countryside offers an escape from it all while still being relatively close to major cities – the UK is a relatively small country. If your ideal location for your twin unit lodge is the countryside it could mean easy access to stunning natural scenery and outdoor activities such as walking or hiking, birdwatching, fishing or horse riding, perfect for nature lovers who appreciate peace and quiet away from busy town or city life. If you already have land in the countryside and you’ve been looking for new and used lodges for sale off site and you’ve got questions or would like to see the features that lodges have, call us or visit our showground.

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Investing in either a coastal or countryside holiday home comes with its own unique set of benefits depending on your preference for location and activities. If you’re thinking about how a lodge could be put on your land for you or a family member or for paying guests to enjoy the coastal or countryside scenery, contact us or call into our showground to look at the variety of lodges for sale off site in Somerset. We’re happy to help and answer any of your questions about any aspect of buying and having a lodge delivered.

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