Lodges – Top 10 Locations in England for a Holiday Home

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A holiday home is a dream for many people but owning a twin lodge and putting on private land or a holiday park is a way of making that dream come true. England is full of picturesque villages, seaside towns, and stunning countryside views. If you are thinking of buying a holiday home in England, here are the top 10 locations to consider, based on popularity and desirability.

1. Cornwall – Cornwall is a hugely popular tourist destination, thanks to its beautiful coastline and charming villages. It’s the perfect place to buy a holiday home if you’re looking for somewhere that will be in high demand all year round. A 40×20 2-bedroom lodge for sale could make an ideal holiday home in either a coastal or countryside location.

2. The Lake District – The Lake District is one of the most scenic areas in England, and it’s no surprise that it’s a popular choice for a holiday home. With its lakes, mountains, and quaint towns, it’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

3. Devon – Devon is another county with a stunning coastline, as well as rolling hills and picturesque countryside. It’s easy to see why so many people want to buy a holiday home here. Lodgetastic has new and used lodges for sale off site and frequently sell single unit lodges and twin unit lodges to customers in Devon.

4. Dorset – Dorset is yet another county with its beautiful Jurassic coastline, making it a popular choice for those who want to enjoy the sea air and long walks on the beach. The county also has some charming towns and villages, which make it ideal for exploring at any time of year. Whether for use on Dorset holiday parks or to site on private land we frequently have inquiries about lodges for sale off site in Dorset.

5. Somerset – Somerset is another picturesque county in England, famed for its cider apples and rural charm. It’s the perfect place to buy or site a holiday if you’re looking for peace and quiet in stunning surroundings. Lodgetastic has showgrounds with new and used lodges for sale in Somerset.

6. Wiltshire – Wiltshire is a county in southern England with plenty to offer holidaymakers. From its ancient stone circles to its lively market towns, there’s something for everyone in Wiltshire. We can deliver new and used lodges all across Wiltshire.

7. Hampshire – Hampshire is best known for being the home of the New Forest National Park, but it also has many other attractions such as the city of Winchester and the Isle of Wight. It’s a great county to explore if you’re looking for somewhere with plenty to see and do. We frequently speak to customers who have been on our website and viewed our large stock of new and used lodges for sale off site to deliver to Hampshire.

8. Kent – Kent is known as the ‘Garden of England’ thanks to its abundant fruit orchards and historic castles. It’s also a popular choice for holidaymakers who want to enjoy some time by the sea; Kent has many lovely beaches along its coast.

9 . East Sussex – East Sussex is another coastal county, with lovely beaches and picturesque towns such as Brighton and Lewes. It’s perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to relax by the sea or explore some of England’s more vibrant cities.

10 . West Sussex – West Sussex rounds off our list of top locations for a holiday home in England. We have a static caravan and lodge showground in West Sussex at Gatwick and we are close by for anybody looking for new and used lodges for sale in West Sussex. Like East Sussex, West Sussex has lovely beaches, and pretty towns, and is within easy reach of London. It’s therefore perfect if you’re looking for somewhere that combines all the best elements of an English holiday.

New And Used Lodges Make Great Holiday Homes Anywhere In England

With so many beautiful locations to choose from, buying a holiday home lodge in England is a great idea if you’re looking for lodge that will give you years of enjoyment. All of the counties listed above have something special to offer.

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