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Especially in recent years, open plan living spaces have become increasingly popular among young professionals and families, but everyone enjoys the feeling of extra space and light. Open plan living spaces, such as living room / kitchen / dining areas of lodges for sale off site tend to have higher ceilings and be lighter and more spacious than e.g., static caravans. Additionally, open plan living spaces can make smaller spaces feel much larger. When shopping around for used lodges for sale off site, looking inside different lodges you’ll notice that they all favour an open-plan design for the main living area. In this post we look at the advantages of the open plan design that lodges have.

Open plan lodge layout

Advantages of the Open Plan Living Spaces in Lodges: 

1. More light and airflow: One of the primary benefits of open plan living is that it allows for more natural light and airflow throughout the lodge. This is because there are no walls or doors blocking off each individual room, which means that light can flow freely from one space to another. Additionally, good airflow is essential for preventing stuffiness in the lodge, and open plan living spaces tend to be much better ventilated than traditional closed-off rooms. The higher, vaulted-style ceilings are also a space-giving feature of twin lodges for sale off site.

2. The welcome illusion of more space: Another advantage of open plan living is that it can create the illusion of more space in a relatively small structure. This is because when all the rooms in the lodge are connected to each other, it gives the impression that the overall space is larger than it actually is. Additionally, open plan living can also make a lodge feel more spacious and inviting, which is why it is often used in bricks and ,mortar homes that are on the market for sale. 

Spacious, open plan lodge

3. Greater flexibility: One final advantage of open plan living spaces that they offer greater flexibility when it comes to arranging furniture and decor. This is because there are no set boundaries between each room, which means you can get creative with your layout and really make the most of your space. You will notice that in the twin lodges for sale off site, the manufacturers have arranged the open plan area to maximise the feeling of space and give occupants clear access to views at the front of the lodge e.g., through glass front opening / sliding doors. Lodges, of course, are primarily designed for leisure use in settings where the view out of the window is likely to be a feature in itself. Additionally, if you ever need to change things up or expand your living area, it will be much easier to do so in an open plan space than it would be in a traditional closed-off room. 

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